WOKE John Fetterman tries to roast Dr. Oz, STUPIDITY ensues

WOKE John Fetterman tries to roast Dr. Oz, STUPIDITY ensues

In a hotly-contested senatorial race in Pennsylvania this year, Democratic candidate John Fetterman has taken to social media to wage a campaign against his GOP opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, who recently moved away from his long-time home in New Jersey so he could run for office in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman was met with a slew of reactions and comments on Twitter recently as he launched a series of online attacks meant to draw attention to the fact that Oz is not a native Pennsylvanian. Last month Fetterman launched an online petition to get Oz inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

“We all know Dr. Oz is soooooo [sic] proud to be Jersey Strong. He’s a huge New Jersey celebrity who’s lived there for three decades. The dude is even registered to vote in NJ and voted there as recently as 2020,” the petition reads. “To honor Dr. Oz’s deep New Jersey roots, John had the GREAT idea to start a petition + help Dr. Oz reach his dream of being inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame.”

In mid-July, Fetterman hired a small plane to fly a banner over South New Jersey beaches that read “HEY DR. OZ, WELCOME HOME TO NJ! [Love] JOHN.” He also enlisted the help of several New Jersey celebrities including Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi to urge Dr. Oz to “come home” to New Jersey in a video he posted to social media in July.

Fetterman has also directly spoken out about Oz being from New Jersey. The candidate put out an ad blasting Oz for moving to Pennsylvania just for a political opportunity.

“This is John Fetterman. It’s a fundamental choice that we have here. I only got involved in politics to make my town, then Pennsylvania a better, safer place. He just moved here to run for office,” says Fetterman in the video. “Do you want someone that’s all about North Jersey? Look, he’s not one of us. He says he’ll fight for working people. Okay. Hey, Doc Hollywood. Save your money. Pennsylvania is not for sale.”

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