Trump organization wins court battle to keep ownership of NYC golf course

Trump organization wins court battle to keep ownership of NYC golf course

A New York judge ruled this week that the Trump organization can maintain ownership of the Ferry Point golf course in the Bronx after the city ended its contract with the company in retaliation for the January 6 Capitol riot.

The Trump organization sued the city to retain ownership of the course, arguing that the city’s reasoning that the Trump brand is “synonymous with an insurrection against the federal government,” and thus ruined Ferry Point’s ability to draw “professional tournament-quality events” to the course is legally unsound.

Trump lawyers argued the contract did not state the course needed to attract such events. The judge sided with the Trump organization, saying “that there is no ambiguity in the obligation in the Agreement that petitioner is required to ‘operat[e] a first class, tournament quality daily fee golf course.’”

A spokesperson for the Trump organization said on Monday, “We would like to thank the court for its well-reasoned decision based on law and facts. As we have said since the beginning, the City’s efforts to terminate our long term license agreement to operate Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park were nothing more than a political vendetta.”

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