Trucker convoy protesting COVID-19 mandates now headed to California

Trucker convoy protesting COVID-19 mandates now headed to California

A group of truckers protesting COVID-19 mandates is headed to California.

The People’s Convoy organizer Mike Landis announced the destination during a livestream, where he also read a list of measures aimed at controlling COVID-19 in California.

According to AP News, the convoy is taking a similar approach as truckers in Canada who are protesting vaccine requirements and COVID mandates.

Landis said during the livestream, “I think stopping those is more important at this time than getting the emergency declarations repealed because that’s already in place and we need to stop stuff like these bills from getting in place. Otherwise, the rest of us that don’t live in California are going to end up subject to the same situation.”

The convoy had been in the Washington, D.C. area in early march, trying to interrupt traffic on the Capital Beltway to get the attention of lawmakers. The group has traveled as a group along the beltway and downtown area as they seek to repeal the pandemic state of emergency and protest mandates.

In the convoy’s website announcement, they stated that “If passed, these bills set the stage for other states to introduce similar laws. We know that what starts in CA, spreads to other blue and purple states, and potentially at a federal level. This affects everyone!”

It was not specified how long the convoy would be there but did say they will be in Harrisburg, PA before heading West.

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