TRAGEDY at WOKE Juneteenth celebration

TRAGEDY at WOKE Juneteenth celebration

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department said in a tweet Sunday evening that law enforcement was responding to the area of 14th and U Street, NW, “for a shooting incident in which multiple people have been shot.”

A 15-year-old was killed in the violence and several others were injured. The shooting occurred near the Moechella Music Festival in the heart of the city, according to reports.

The D.C. Police Union confirmed news of an officer being shot, tweeting that: “We can confirm that one of our members working in the area of 14th and U St NW has been shot,” adding: “The member has been transported to the hospital and is in stable condition.”

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert J. Contee III said the shooting took place at approximately 6 p.m. at an “unpermitted event” in connection with Moechella, which is described as an “Advocacy Festival Amplifying the Culture of Washington DC.”

“We need to make sure individuals are held accountable for their actions,” Contee said. “When you have large gatherings in a dense area, it only takes one person with a firearm to make this a dangerous setting.”

Attendees of the Juneteenth event began posting on social media in the early evening hours about being caught in a stampede, with scores of Twitter users alleging they had been trampled.

Festival attendees posted video of the incident on Twitter, in which people can be seen running after the gunshots rang out.

At a press conference, Mayor Muriel Bowser appealed for calm and expressed her grief at the killing. “We have a child that was killed at an event that didn’t have proper planning, with people with guns involved,” she said. “Even with police managing crowds on-site, someone used a gun and now a child is dead.” She added, “We need some accountability here.”

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