Siblings FIGHT BACK against California county after HORRIFIC situation

Siblings FIGHT BACK against California county after HORRIFIC situation

The six youngest of thirteen siblings are suing their county and a private foster agency in California for placing them in an abusive home after rescuing them from being imprisoned and mistreated by their biological parents.

The Turpin siblings made national news when they were rescued from their Perris, California home where they had been imprisoned and abused by their parents, David and Louise Turpin. When authorities responded to the home after a 911 call by one of the older siblings, they discovered the siblings, aged 2 to 29, malnourished, abused, and living in filthy conditions.

The six younger Turpin siblings were placed in the care of foster parents, Marcelino and Rosa Olguin, who the siblings say sexually, mentally, and physically abused them during their time at the home.

According to the lawsuit, filed on Tuesday in Riverside County, the foster parents and their adult daughter force-fed the children until they vomited, and then forced them to eat their own vomit. The lawsuit also alleges Marcelino Olguin sexually abused them by grabbing them inappropriately, making sexually inappropriate comments, and kissing them on the mouth.

The suit claims the couple encouraged the children to commit suicide, telling them no one would ever love them and they were worthless. “It was just trauma, inflicted upon trauma, which really made it so much worse because just when they thought maybe their lives were going to get a lot better, it really didn’t,” said an attorney for some of the siblings, Roger Booth, to the New York Post.

“The Turpin 13 endured some of the most sickening child abuse the County of Riverside has ever seen. After these vulnerable children were freed, they were placed by the County through CHILDNET into a known abusive foster home. It is beyond shocking that the County and CHILDNET let these kids get horrifically abused once again,” said an attorney for two of the siblings, Elan Zektser, to NBC4.

The foster agency has not publicly commented on the suit.

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