SHOCKING results when voters asked who they trusted to PRESERVE DEMOCRACY

SHOCKING results when voters asked who they trusted to PRESERVE DEMOCRACY

A new poll shows that more Americans believe that Republicans are the party most likely to “preserve Democracy” despite vociferous claims from Democrats that Republicans are actively attempting to dismantle Democracy.

When asked in a new Fox News poll which party would “do a better job” on “preservation of American Democracy”, 46% of registered voters said Republicans compared to 45% who said Democrats.

Additionally, 3% of voters said the parties are equal and 6% said they “don’t know.”

The poll surveyed 1,002 registered voters and results have a margin of sampling error of 3 percentage points.

“This is going to cause some heads on Twitter to absolutely explode,” Republican pollster Logan Dobson tweeted. “Republicans are winning the ‘preserve Democracy’ argument with voters.”

The poll results come after years of Democrats – most notably President Joe Biden – insisting that Republicans are attacking Democracy in a variety of ways ranging from election integrity laws to the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Biden, and Democrats on the January 6 committee investigating the Capitol Hill riots, have repeatedly called the riot an “assault” on Democracy that supporters of former President Trump widely support.

“I will stand in this breach,” Biden said in a speech on the one-year anniversary of the riot. “I will defend this nation. And I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of our democracy.

In April, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggested billionaire Elon Musk was “dangerous” for Democracy because his net worth increased during the coronavirus pandemic and just this week, DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison claimed that Republicans are launching a “full-frontal assault on Democracy.”

In addition to trusting Republicans more when it comes to the preservation of Democracy, the Fox News poll found that more voters put trust in Republicans to handle both the record inflation and crime surge in the United States [Fox News].

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