SHOCKING development in Ricky Martin case

SHOCKING development in Ricky Martin case

Pop star Ricky Martin says he has been left “heartbroken” after his nephew dropped charges this week against this singer of incest and sexual abuse.

Last week, a bombshell allegation of a seven month relationship between Martin and his nephew, who is 21, made headlines after the unnamed nephew filed a restraining order against Martin. Martin’s brother allegedly joined his son in accusing the pop star of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with the young man that left him with mental health issues.

Martin denied the allegations and expressed the difficulty of being bound legally not to speak out in his own defense. “The protection order entered against me is based on completely false allegations, so I will respond through the judicial process with the facts and the dignity that characterize me,” Martin wrote on Twitter. “Because it is an ongoing legal matter, I cannot make detailed statements at this time. I am grateful for the countless messages of solidarity, and I receive them with all my heart.”

On Thursday, a judge ruled not to extend the restraining order after the charges against Martin were dropped. The relative who had made the claims against Martin reportedly “voluntarily desisted” in a virtual court hearing this week. The allegations that led to the restraining order, which claimed Martin had harassed his nephew and “loitered” near his home on several occasions, were dropped by the nephew.

In a video statement to NBC News, Martin responded the situation. “It has been devastating for me, for my family, for my friends. I don’t wish this upon anybody,” he said. He said he was finally speaking out as part of his healing process after being prevented from defending himself publicly “because I was following a procedure where the law was obligating me not to talk until I was in front of the judge.”

“To the person that was claiming this nonsense, I wish him the best and I wish he finds the help, so he can start a new life filled with love and truth and joy, and he doesn’t hurt anybody else,” Martin said in the statement.

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