Senator Ted Cruz vows GOP will not back President Biden’s nuclear deal with Iran

Senator Ted Cruz vows GOP will not back President Biden’s nuclear deal with Iran

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke out on Wednesday against the deal being brokered with Iran, stating that both himself and his Republican colleagues will oppose any deal that includes large cash payouts to Iran.

Negotiations are said to have stalled recently between the six nations involved in trying to reach a deal for Iran to not pursue a nuclear arms program. This is due to Russia being the nation in charge of brokering the negotiation.

According to the National Review, Cruz mentioned that his fellow GOP Sentaros and he were ready to take action during his interview, stating, “I think we could see a host of tools employed by multiple senators to stop this deal.”

Cruz noted that a successful deal, it appears, would also have to be ratified and/or approved by the legislative branch. This is because Iran has reportedly made it a condition of the deal that it be unbreakable under future US administrations.

Sen. Cruz went onto say, “We still don’t know the specifics of the deal, but everything we hear keeps getting worse and worse by the day. At this point, it is complete surrender to the ayatollah. It is complete surrender to Russia and Putin.”

Cruz said that any deal that financially empowers Iran would simultaneously empower terrorism worldwide, commenting that such a deal “is likely to make Joe Biden the number-one funder of terrorism in the world. Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world. They deliberately target American citizens for murder.”

He added, “And Joe Biden, for whatever reason, is eager to fund terrorists trying to murder Americans.”

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