Sen. Rand Paul’s resolution to ban federal mask mandates passes Senate

Sen. Rand Paul’s resolution to ban federal mask mandates passes Senate

The Senate passed Tuesday a resolution from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) which would repeal the federal mask mandates for public transportation (CNN).

However, it is unlikely to advance in the Democratic-led House. According to CNN, President Joe Biden would likely oppose the bill as well. The White House has already issued a veto threat for the bill.

The final vote was 57-40. Eight Democrats voted in favor of the resolution with Republicans. Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator to vote against the bill.

Several of the Democratic senators who voted for the resolution are up for reelection in November. However, Romney is not (The Hill). The White House said, “the determination of the timeline and circumstances under which masks should be required in these settings should be guided by science, not politics.”

Senator Paul forced a vote on his resolution using the Congressional Review Act. This act allows senators to overturn federal agencies’ regulations within a certain time frame. They can also do it with a simple majority, not requiring 60 votes.

Paul said during a floor speech, “We have it within our power today to ensure the American people that we are irreversibly going back to normal.”

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