Ryerson University students sue school over vaccine mandate

Ryerson University students sue school over vaccine mandate

A group of students from Ryerson University are suing the school over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which led to some of them being unenrolled from the university for not complying.

The school recently announced it would end its vaccine mandate. The students allege the university’s decisions related to the COVID-19 vaccine caused 3,600 students to be unenrolled.

“The choices made by Ryerson University in their application of these mandates resulted in the de-enrolment of up to 3,600 students,” the group writes, “in addition to loss of student employment, scholarships/funding, and peace of mind.”

The students say they are taking legal action now because unenrolling the students was not legally based.

“The university had no legal obligation to deregister these students. Some of the students were only a few courses away from graduation. Others lost teaching assistant positions, or had grants or scholarships taken from them,” attorney for the students, Ryan O’Connor said in a Tweet.

O’Connor also alleges the university continued to unenroll unvaccinated students even after instruction returned to fully remote learning in the winter of 2022.

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