RNC out-raises DNC with more than $14.2 million in April contributions

RNC out-raises DNC with more than $14.2 million in April contributions

The Republican National Committee bested it’s political rival in fundraising last month, by raking in $1.3 million more than the Democratic National Committee in April.

According to Federal Election Commission files, the RNC spent $15.5 million during the period and began the month of May with $43.7 million in the bank. Meanwhile, the DNC raised $13 million in April and spent $12.8 million. The DNC started off May with $65.6 million in cash on hand.

A DNC spokesperson told the National Journal that the DNC set a new record in terms of grassroots fundraising, with the average April donation coming to $26.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement to The Hill that the latest fundraising numbers shows momentum is on the GOP side.

“We have incredible enthusiasm on our side and are out-raising, out-investing, and out-organizing Democrats,” McDaniel said. “Americans are hurting because of Biden’s failed leadership and, come November, will send a referendum to the White House and fire Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer once and for all.”

A DNC spokesperson, meanwhile, celebrated the party’s continued fundraising efforts despite heightened GOP enthusiasm in a midterm election year.

“Engagement from President Biden, Vice President Harris, the First Lady and the Second Gentleman has helped fuel the DNC’s fundraising success,” the spokesperson said. “Over half of all new donors to the DNC and one-third of the one-time revenue raised from grassroots channels in April came in from email, texts, and mailings signed by White House principals.”

The House has 435 voting members, as well as five delegates who serve as nonvoting members. A party needs 218 votes to gain control of the lower chamber of Congress. Democrats have 221, while Republicans have 209. There were also five vacancies this cycle, four of which were Republican held seats.

News Nation/Decision Desk HQ poll released on Monday found Republicans narrowly leading Democrats on the generic ballot, 43 percent to 41 percent.

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