Policing FAILURE leads to HEARTBREAKING situation

Policing FAILURE leads to HEARTBREAKING situation

Georgia officials released body cam footage over the weekend that shows the events of the night Brianna Grier fell out of a patrol car after officers were called to her home for a mental health episode, and later died from her injuries.

Grier’s father, Marty Grier, said at a Friday news conference that when his daughter had previous mental health episodes, the authorities were called and typically an ambulance was sent to the scene to transport Grier to a facility where she could receive treatment. This time, her father says, the police showed up instead.

The body cam footage shows police arresting 28-year old Brianna Grier for allegedly resisting arrest after repeating to the officers several times that she was not drunk. Grier can be heard on the video telling officers if they put her in the patrol car she will self-harm. Officers later place her into the vehicle and drive away.

The footage then shows the police car stop suddenly and an officer get out and check the road next to the car. The video does not show the moment Grier fell from the vehicle, but she can be seen lying face-down on the side of the road near the open rear passenger door, unresponsive to officers.

Grier would succumb to injuries sustained in the fall from the car six days later, after being in a coma. Ben Crump, attorney for the Grier family, alleged the officers failed to secure Grier in a seat belt and make sure the car doors were properly closed. “I just don’t understand why they couldn’t put her in a seat belt, why they violated so many policies to prevent anything like this from happening,” he said.

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