NYC Mayor Eric Adams ‘wants city employees back in the office ASAP,’ sources say

NYC Mayor Eric Adams ‘wants city employees back in the office ASAP,’ sources say

Sources who have access to New York City government information say Mayor Eric Adams recently sent an email to city employees informing them they must return to work in-person with no hybrid schedules allowed.

As part of his push to make New York City a nationwide and global leader in returning to pre-pandemic life, Mayor Adams recently sent an email to all city employees telling them they must return to work in the office, and that so-called hybrid schedules, which combine remote and in-person days during the work week, will not be an option.

A memo sent to the approximately 300,000 city employees by Adams’ Chief of Staff read, in part, “All city employees should be advised that, absent a reasonable accommodation, you are required to report to work in person for every scheduled workday and hybrid schedules of any kind are not permitted.”

“How does that look that city employees are home, while I’m telling everyone else it’s time to get back to work,” Adams said on Wednesday. “I’m trying to fill up office buildings.” The mayor added, “It’s time for all of us to be on team New York to get our city back up and operating and it starts with city employees.”

Adams believes sending public and private sector workers back to their jobs in-person is a quick way to stimulate the city’s economy as the country grapples with sky-high inflation and soaring gas prices.

Some city employees are on board with Adams’ in-person requirement. “The city is never going to go back if people stay home,” city worker Meredith Tranberg said to CBS News.

Others, however, believe the move is ill-advised and does not take into consideration the financial burden in-person work puts on employees. “I would love a hybrid schedule. I’d much prefer that. I think it’s much more humane. I think it would be much more productive. I think it would save me a ton of dough with commuting costs,” municipal worker Bill Gaston told ABC.

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