Nebraska gubernatorial candidate sues state lawmaker over claims that he groped her in 2019

Nebraska gubernatorial candidate sues state lawmaker over claims that he groped her in 2019

The Nebraska gubernatorial campaign for Charles W. Herbster has filed a defamation lawsuit against GOP lawmaker Senator Julie Slama after she claimed he groped her at a party in 2019.

The defamation suit filed on Friday alleges Slama defamed Herbster ahead of the May primary election in order to hurt his campaign. The lawsuit also says the groping accusations were false.

The Herbster campaign says Slama’s allegations made him “the victim of a politically motivated and groundless attack by a political opponent, who resorted to false and malicious lies.”

According to Slama, Herbster, who is a successful and wealthy businessman and staunch ally of former president Donald Trump, Herbster reached under her skirt and groped her at the Douglas County Republican Party’s annual Elephant Remembers dinner in Omaha in 2019. At the time, Slama was only 22 years old. Herbster is currently 68.

This is not the first time Herbster has been accused of groping and unwanted touching. According to The Nebraska Examiner, “six other women told the Examiner that Herbster had groped them on their buttocks, outside of their clothes, during public events. A seventh woman said Herbster once cornered her in a private setting and forcibly kissed her. All seven women spoke on the condition that their names be withheld.”

There are also several people who claim to have witnessed or been told directly afterwards of Herbster’s groping.

Dave Lopez, an attorney for Slama, said of the defamation suit, “To be sure, any claim that calls into question Sen. Slama’s well-corroborated account of her sexual assault by Charles Herbster would be categorically without merit and frivolous. Sen. Slama will vigorously defend herself against any such lawsuit.” The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

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