More SHOCKING news from Uvalde police

More SHOCKING news from Uvalde police

A source close to the investigation of the police response to the Robb Elementary School shooting last month in Uvalde, Texas, confirmed to ABC News this week that Uvalde police did not attempt to open the classroom doors where the gunman was located during the shooting.

The shocking claim comes just days after Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Chief Pete Arrendondo defended his department’s response to the shooting on May 24, saying the 77-minute delay in entering the classroom to subdue the shooter was because police were waiting for a school janitor to provide a key to the classrooms. The source says surveillance footage of the incident shows officers huddled in a hallway away from the doors of the classrooms where the shooter slayed 19 children, and not once did any of the officers in the footage attempt to open the doors to see if they were unlocked.

In addition to confirming the San Antonio Express News’ initial report that officers had not tried to open the doors, the sources also confirmed to ABC that investigators currently believe the gunman could not have locked the classroom doors from the inside based on information they have gathered. Whether the doors to rooms 111 and 112, where the killings occurred, were unlocked for the duration of the shooting is still unclear.

Arredondo and his department have been under major scrutiny and are currently being investigated by the Texas House Investigative Committee in regard to the police response to the Robb Elementary shooting. The timeline and details of the shooting given by the Uvalde police have changed multiple times since the incident took place. The Uvalde police initially claimed a teacher had propped open the door used by the shooter to enter the school. That later proved to be untrue. The timeline given has changed from a 40 minute response time to 77 minutes until officials were able to subdue the shooter.

Arredondo has thus far refused to cooperate with the House investigation and has not agreed to testify.

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