Marjorie Taylor Greene calls vaccine mandates ‘worst thing that has ever happened to America’

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls vaccine mandates ‘worst thing that has ever happened to America’

Marjorie Taylor-Greene told an audience in a hotel near north Cincinnati that COVID-19 vaccine mandates are the “worst thing that has ever happened in America,”

Approximately 200 people showed up to watch “Hillbilly Elegy” author J.D. Vance and Marjorie Taylor-Greene speak. Greene endorsed Vance a week earlier in the crowded Republican primary to replace U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, who is retiring.

“I’m unvaccinated, and am as open and free-spirited as…,” Greene said as she was cut off with applause from the crowd at the Marriott Cincinnati Northeast. “We were the deplorables, and now we’re second-class citizens and we’re not vaccinated.”

Greene said she talks to Trump regularly, including on the way to the Vance rally. She said Trump told her to say hi to Vance. Trump has not made an endorsement in the race. “I’ll keep talking to him cause he’s my favorite president all the time,” Greene said. “I talked to him on the way here.”

The Enquirer asked Vance if he had been vaccinated. Vance confirmed he is vaccinated, but does not intend to get the booster shot.

Vance has previously criticized Donald Trump.  in 2016 when he called him “noxious” in an NPR interview. He also said in 2016 Trump “makes people I care about afraid.” Vance addressed this at the rally.

“You know what? Facts change,” Vance said. “I saw the corruption that exists in this country. I saw Donald Trump as the only person in either party fighting against it, and I’ve been a huge supporter of Trump for the past several years.”

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