Lindsey Graham SILENCES Dems on climate change

Lindsey Graham SILENCES Dems on climate change

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) brushed off Democrats’ pressing concerns about climate change this week, telling the New York Times he does not want to be “lectured.”

“I don’t want to be lectured about what we need to do to destroy our economy in the name of climate change,” Graham said. “The Democratic Party has made climate change a religion and their solutions are draconian.”

As a heat wave rose over the United States and Europe this weekend, setting a wave of high temperature records across the US, GOP politicians have shown little sense of urgency regarding legislation to combat the growing threat.

Speaking to the New York Times, which published a report accusing the Republican party of using “delay tactics” to avoid dealing with climate change, Graham said Democrats are going too far in their fight against the phenomenon.

Graham’s comments come days after West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) blocked a Democratic spending bill that included investments in climate change and renewable energy. The South Carolina Senator criticized the provisions of the climate proposal, saying they did not address the role of other countries in combating global warming. “The point to me is to get the world to participate, not just us,” he said.

Congressional Democrats vowed this week to continue the fight for climate change legislation. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said this week, “We are going to keep fighting on climate. It’s very, very important. It’s an existential threat to the globe,” he said. “We’re urging the administration to do things that it can do administratively, and we’re going to look at everything that we can do.”

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