Kamala Harris ignores CRISIS across the US to travel to Indiana

Kamala Harris ignores CRISIS across the US to travel to Indiana

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Indiana this week to speak out against the state’s impending abortion bill, which, if passed, would be an almost complete ban on abortions.

The Vice President arrived in Indianapolis on Monday to attend a round table with Indiana legislators. At the meeting, Harris said the Supreme Court’s June decision to overturn Roe v. Wade “took a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of America — the women of America. Let’s contemplate what that means in and of itself — that in a land that was founded on the important principles of freedom and liberty, that such a thing would happen.”

The Vice President pointed out that religion should not govern the rights of all Americans when it comes to reproductive care. “I would also say that on this issue, one does not have to abandon your faith or your beliefs to agree that the government should not be making this decision for her,” Harris said. “An individual should be able to choose based on their personal beliefs and the dictates of their faith. But the government should not be telling an individual what to do, especially as it relates to one of the most intimate and personal decisions a woman could make.”

Indiana’s proposed abortion law would ban abortions at zero weeks with exceptions built into the law in cases of rape, incest and in situations where the life of the mother is at risk.

Harris said the Indiana law makes little sense when it comes to the logistics of a pregnancy. “Maybe some people need to actually learn how a woman’s body works,” Harris said. “The parameters that are being proposed mean that for the vast majority of women, by the time she realizes she is pregnant, she will effectively be prohibited from having access to reproductive health care that will allow her to choose what happens to her body.”

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