Illinois schools blocked from enforcing mask mandates and vaccinations, temporary ruling says

Illinois schools blocked from enforcing mask mandates and vaccinations, temporary ruling says

A Friday court ruling temporarily suspended Illinois’s emergency orders for COVID prevention protocols.

A judge in central Illinois just granted a temporary restraining order to temporarily suspend the Illinois Department of Public Health and state board of education’s requirements for masks, vaccines, and weekly testing (Chicago Chalkbeat).

The court ruled that school districts cannot refuse admittance to school buildings to teachers or students who have been deemed a close contact to those who tested positive for COVID.

The ruling highlights 170 school districts, making some district officials move quickly over the weekend to either defend or suspend their masking requirements. The state has over 852 school districts, and some officials say it will be business as usual for most schools. The lawsuit was filed by a group of parents who claim the governor used executive orders beyond his authority.

The biggest uproar came after the state board of education said they would place school districts under probation if schools do not follow the governor’s mask mandate. Many school superintendents, educators, and parents objected to these statements.

Later the state board of education said school districts on probation would lose state recognition if they did not submit a plan. This would result in them losing state funding and their participation in state athletic associations. The state has since submitted a repeal to the court’s ruling.

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