IDIOTIC John Kerry recommends ABUSE OF POWER to combat “climate crisis”

IDIOTIC John Kerry recommends ABUSE OF POWER to combat “climate crisis”

United States Climate Envoy John Kerry said in an interview this week that given current climate conditions, US President Joe Biden “could” declare a climate emergency.

After West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin all but tanked the Biden administration’s climate change proposal last week, the White House is scrambling to find other ways to push through their agenda. Speaking to BBC this week, John Kerry hinted that the president may be readying himself to sign an executive order on the matter in order to spur more Congressional action.

According to Kerry, declaring a climate change emergency may give the president the sway he needs to push his climate change bill through Congress. A climate emergency would also allow the White House to funnel federal emergency funds toward projects aimed at combating climate change.

In his interview with BBC, Kerry said President Biden is prepared to use “any tool available to him” in the fight against climate change.

The White House announced several new executive actions on climate change this week, including measures to protect Americans from the extreme heat plaguing much of the country at the moment.

“Since Congress is not acting on this emergency, President Biden will. In the coming weeks, President Biden will announce additional executive actions to combat this emergency,” the White House statement said.

The heat wave in Europe this week has killed over 2,000 people in Spain and Portugal so far as the continent finds itself woefully under equipped to handle such extreme temperatures. Most buildings in Europe are not equipped with air conditioning and climate control. In the United States, the scorching heat has led to an outbreaks of wildfires in several states.

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