House Republicans introduce bill that would prohibit President Biden from forgiving student loan debt

House Republicans introduce bill that would prohibit President Biden from forgiving student loan debt

Five House Republicans introduced legislation this week that would severely limit President Joe Biden’s ability to deliver on his campaign promise of student loan relief and forgiveness.

The new bill, written and introduced by Sens. John Thune, Richard Burr, Mike Braun, Bill Cassidy, and Roger Marshall, seeks to prevent the White House from further extending the long pause on student loan repayments that began at the onset of COVID-19, and from offering further relief on the basis of a national emergency. It would also restrict his ability to offer broad student loan debt relief or forgiveness.

“As Americans continue to return to the workforce more than two years since the pandemic began, it is time for borrowers to resume repayment of student debt obligations,” Thune said in a statement.

“Taxpayers and working families should not be responsible for continuing to bear the costs associated with this suspension of repayment. This common-sense legislation would protect taxpayers and prevent President Biden from suspending federal student loan repayments in perpetuity.”

Biden suggested to the Hispanic he was open to offering more than the previously touted $10,000 in student debt relief to certain borrowers, prompting the GOP to renew its efforts to prevent such legislation from becoming reality.

The new bill introduced by the House Republicans this week, called the Stop Reckless Student Loans Action Act, would still allow the President to “temporarily suspend repayment for low- and middle-income borrowers in future national emergencies,” but would prevent much further action, citing the high cost of each loan repayment pause extension.

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