Governor Youngkin signs bill limiting usage of explicit content in schools

Governor Youngkin signs bill limiting usage of explicit content in schools

Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) signed into law a bill that limits explicit content in schools.

The bill will require Virginia schools to notify parents if their children are reading material with explicit content.

According to US News, this bill was one of more than 100 measures signed into law this week by the Virginia governor. Youngkin said in a statement that he was pleased to sign this bill into law, “along with many other bipartisan bills that will enhance education, improve public safety, provide tax relief, and make government work better for the people of Virginia.”

The bill was sponsored by Republican Senator Siobahn Dunnavant. The Department of Education will have to develop model policies for parental notification. They will have to be made available to the school board by July 31st. Policies must be adopted by Jan. 1st, 2023.

The law uses language that is already used in state law to define sexually explicit content and requires an alternative assignment to be available for students per parental request.

The bill passed in the House with a party-line vote, as the House has a Republican majority. The Senate is controlled by Democrats, but two voted with Republicans to pass the measure.

Democrats who objected to the bill say it will censor valuable pieces of literature. Supporters say no books are being banned, as the bill will just allow parents to be notified of any explicit material.

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