Gov. DeSantis vetoes state funding for Tampa Bay Rays facility after gun control Tweets

Gov. DeSantis vetoes state funding for Tampa Bay Rays facility after gun control Tweets

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis intends to veto a $35 million legislation for a Pasco County facility that’s earmarked for the Tampa Bay Rays’ spring training, OutKick has learned.

DeSantis’s decision is reportedly in response to the Tampa Bay Rays politicizing recent shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. The Rays posted a Tweet ahead of a matchup with the Yankees in May.

“We all deserve to be safe — in schools, grocery stores, places of worship, out neighborhoods, houses and America,” the Rays wrote on Twitter. “The most recent mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde have shaken us to the core. The Tampa Bay Rays are mourning these heartbreaking tragedies that took the lives of innocent children and adults. This cannot become normal. We cannot become numb. We cannot look the other way. We all know, if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

They continued, “The Rays organization stands committed to actionable change and has made a $50,000 commitment to Everytown For Gun Safety’s Support Fund. Everytown is the largest gun violence prevention organization in America. Rather than our usual game coverage on social media tonight, we’ve partnered with Everytown to amplify facts about gun violence in America. We understand that no single organization can solve this crisis alone, but working together, we can make an impact. We invite you to join us and do what you can, when you can, where you can – because our lives depend on it.”

Florida residents had allegedly called for DeSantis to veto the spending plan anyway, saying that Floridians’ tax dollars should not help fund a facility for a professional sports team.

The Florida Senate has argued against this case, by listing the proposal as a “Sports Training and Youth Tournament Complex” and not mentioning the Rays. However, the Tampa Bay Times first reported the money would mostly help cover a new facility for the Rays.

The New York Yankees also put out a similar message on their Twitter on May 27th. “When an assault weapon is used in a mass shooting, it results in six times as many people shot than when other guns are used.”

Conservative commentator hit out at the Yankees and accused them of ignoring issues in their own city. “The Yankees are sending out preachy gun facts all night… like their own town isn’t one of the most violent, murderous sh*t holes in the world.”

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