Gov. Abbott strikes Texas border security deals with two more Mexican states

Gov. Abbott strikes Texas border security deals with two more Mexican states

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced border security deals Thursday with two Mexican states who have promised to deploy their own police to patrol the southern side of the U.S.-Mexico boundary, in exchange for Texas ending its safety checks on commercial cross-border traffic.

The deals with the governors of Chihuahua and Coahuila have similarities to an agreement Abbott signed earlier this week with the governor of Nuevo Leon.

“Since Chihuahua has detailed a plan to secure the Mexico side of the border, the Texas Department of Public Safety can return to its previous strategy of random searches of vehicles crossing the bridge from Chihuahua,” Abbott said. “As a result, the effect will be that the bridge between Chihuahua and Texas will return to normal immediately.”

Abbott said he’s taken it upon himself to negotiate with Mexican officials because President Joe Biden isn’t doing enough to stop illegal immigration into Texas. Abbott also said he’s already been in contact with other Mexican governors whose states include portions of the border and is hopeful more deals are coming to restore the flow of trucks in and out of Mexico at all Texas crossings.

The White House shipping companies, political leaders in both parties and mayors in cities along the border have all called on Abbott to end all delays, calling the inspections unnecessary and duplicative of work done by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“As delays increase at the border, deliveries are postponed or canceled, perishable goods spoil, and grocery and retail store shelves begin to empty,” Texas Trucking Association President & CEO John D. Esparza said.

“Exports in Texas also await empty trucks on the Mexican side of the border and the lost revenue due to these delays will be felt by consumers as the price of goods increase across the country.”

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