‘Freedom Convoy’ raises millions on Christian site after GoFundMe freezes donations

‘Freedom Convoy’ raises millions on Christian site after GoFundMe freezes donations

After being denied the millions raised on GoFundMe, organizers of the Canadian truckers protest against vaccine mandates have switched to a new site for their fundraising efforts.

GiveSendGo, which describes itself as the “#1 free Christian crowdfunding site,” has helped the “Freedom Convoy” campaign raise over $3.5 million after GoFundMe announced it was freezing over $8 million in donations.

According to the Washington Post, Republican officials have since announced investigations into GoFundMe. The rapid amount of donations prompted people to ask questions about where the funds were coming from. Many fear that foreign entities may try to interfere in the use of online platforms for fundraising.

The Freedom Convoy was created to protest U.S. and Canadian rules requiring that truckers crossing the borders be fully vaccinated to enter either country. This then turned into a broader movement against other Covid-19 restrictions. Republican politicians from the United States have praised the fundraiser and protests.

The convoy continues to benefit from the growing national and international attention. Ottawa had to declare a state of emergency after truckers blocked streets with their trucks, shot off fireworks, and blared horns.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said last week, “They have converged in our city, and there are plans for more to come.” He added that participants are “putting our city and our residents, our partners and our officers at great risk.”

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