Former Trump aide Peter Navarro announces lawsuit against Jan. 6th committee after being subpoenaed

Former Trump aide Peter Navarro announces lawsuit against Jan. 6th committee after being subpoenaed

Peter Navarro, who is a former White House aide to Donald Trump, says he’s been served a grand jury subpoena by federal prosecutors probing the Capitol riot, and has claimed they have asked for records of “any communications” with Trump.

Navarro made the claim in a draft copy of a lawsuit he’s planning to file this week against the House committee investigating the riot, which occured on January 6, 2021. The suit, which Navarro shared with NBC News, says the committee’s own subpoena to him is “unlawful and unenforceable” and should be thrown out by a judge.

Navarro refused to comply with the select committee in February, responding by email with the words “executive privilege” and telling them he was operating without an attorney. In email exchanges over several weeks, Navarro repeatedly urged the committee to negotiate with Trump and convince him to “waive” executive privilege.

Navarro said his strategy “was designed as the ‘last, best chance to snatch a stolen election from the Democrats’ jaws of deceit.”

The House voted to refer Navarro to the Department of Justice on a criminal contempt of Congress charge last month after he snubbed the House committee’s subpoena for testimony and documents.

In his 88-page draft lawsuit, first reported by The New York Times, Navarro said that last week “two FBI special agents banged loudly on my door in the early morning hours to present me with a fruit of the poisonous tree grand jury subpoena” commanding that he testify before and hand documents over to a grand jury on Thursday.

Because the federal subpoena is based on the House subpoena, Navarro argues it’s tainted and should be thrown out by the judge as well. He did not immediately respond when asked if he would comply with the grand jury subpoena.

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