Florida STANDS UP against RIDICULOUS Biden LGBTQ agenda

Florida STANDS UP against RIDICULOUS Biden LGBTQ agenda

Florida Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. wrote a letter to school superintendents, school boards, and other educational governing bodies in his state that they are under no obligation to adhere to Title IX rules laid out by Congress that protects against LGBTQ discrimination.

“The [Florida Department of Education] will not stand idly by as federal agencies attempt to impose a sexual ideology on Florida schools that risk the health, safety, and welfare of Florida students,” wrote Diaz in the letter.

The US Department of Education responded to Diaz, saying: “This is another attempt from Florida politicians to foster a harmful environment of fear for LGBTQ+ students, and that is unacceptable. The Department of Education has made clear its view that Title IX includes protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Department regularly receives and investigates complaints of discrimination against LGBTQ+ students — as it has done for the previous three administrations.”

Alex Lanfranconi, Florida DOE sent an email to CNN railing against an announcement earlier this year by Florida Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried that the USDA may withhold the federal school lunch program in areas that fail to comply with Title IX guidelines.

“Commissioner Fried threatened to remove Florida’s most vulnerable students from the National School Lunch Program if our schools do not accept the Biden Administration’s radical gender ideology,” wrote Lanfranconi. “We will not allow our children to be used as bargaining chips for individuals who are motivated by self-interest rather than the health and safety of all students.”

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