Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suggests coronavirus vaccines could cause infertility

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suggests coronavirus vaccines could cause infertility

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) suggested that the COVID-19 vaccines may cause infertility.

In a speech announcing funding for nursing certification programs, he said, “Think about how ridiculous it is what they’re doing by trying to force the nurses with these vaxes. A lot of these nurses have had covid. A lot of them are younger. Some of them are trying to have families.”

However, there is little to no evidence to suggest these claims would be true (Washington Post). In a recent study led by a Boston University epidemiologist, no adverse association was found between vaccination and fertility. In fact, “recent [coronavirus] infection has been associated with poor sperm quality, including… decreased concentration, lower motility.”

Research has not come to a conclusion on the effects of vaccination on long-term fertility. They said “it is unlikely that adverse effects on fertility could arise many months after vaccination.”

Laura Morris, a family medicine doctor with the University of Missouri healthcare system, commented on this claim saying, “For your immune system to get mixed up and attack the placental protein, would be like you mistaking an elephant for an alley cat because they’re both gray. There is one small similarity, but the overall construction of the protein is so completely different, your immune system is way too smart to be confused by that.”

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