Fairfax County Police seize electronics of CNN producer alleged of sexual offenses with a minor

Fairfax County Police seize electronics of CNN producer alleged of sexual offenses with a minor

A second CNN producer is now under investigation for alleged sexual offenses relating to a minor.

Ex-producer for the network John Griffin was arrested by the FBI recently, and current producer Rick Saleeby had his electronics and hard drives seized by Fairfax County police.

Saleeby’s personal devices were seized after a Project Veritas report exposed his alleged history of sexual fantasies about, and the solicitation of photos of, underaged girls.

A video was released by Project Veritas on Wednesday, December 15 showing texts and FaceTime conversations between Saleeby and Janine Bonanni, a Veritas source and victim of human trafficking as well as former sex worker.

Bonanni told James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, that she had been acquainted with Saleeby for a decade, ever since he solicited sex from her while she was being trafficked.

She looked to communicate with Saleeby since August of 2021 so that she could gather enough incriminating information to bring to appropriate authorities. Because of her past, she added, he probably felt comfortable confiding in her over his perverted sexual fantasies.

Bonanni shared revelations regarding Saleeby’s thoughts of a sexual relationship with his fiancée’s daughter, who is 14-years-old. She said that over text Saleeby fantasized about the young girl, and she recalled the messages to O’Keefe, saying, “Oh, she’s so hot, I want to do this, this and this.”

Disturbing texts and FaceTime audios continued between the two, which Bonanni said she took to the police, where she was told, “There’s no case here.”

She added, “He wouldn’t even look at my phone to show him the evidence.” Fairfax County authorities finally did take the accusations seriously after Project Veritas went public with their video and information from Bonanni. CNN has not yet responded to the issue.

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