Donald Trump declares himself the ‘45th and 47th’ president while playing golf

Donald Trump declares himself the ‘45th and 47th’ president while playing golf

Former President Donald Trump declared himself both the 45th and 47th US president.

These remarks were made while the former president was playing golf at one of his clubs.

According to the New York Post, video footage emerged of Trump walking to the first tee. One of his playing partners said, “Now on the tee, the 45th president of the United States.” Trump quickly fired back, “The 45th and 47th.” That earned the response of “Yes, I love that.”

Trump has not publicly declared if he will be running for a second presidential term in 2024. However, he was seen sporting his famous red MAGA cap with the signature “45” on the side. He has teased a second run and has held some rallies ahead of the 2022 midterm. In recent polls, Trump can still be seen as a clear leader for Republicans.

In a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump held a clear lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Additionally he has endorsed several Republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections. He had a rally in Arizona this month, with another planned in Texas this Saturday.

While on the golf course, Trump can be seen driving the ball and giving golf advice. “You want to keep it low,” he says. “That wind’s stronger than you think.”

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