Decrepit Joe Biden responds after HILARIOUS fail

Decrepit Joe Biden responds after HILARIOUS fail

President Joe Biden assured reporters of his physical condition after he was seen falling off his bike on Juneteenth weekend.

The president, a frequent bike rider, was caught on camera Saturday when he fell off the bike while saying hello to the press pool in Delaware. Biden assured onlookers that he was alright at the time, and when he spoke to the press on Monday, he said “I’m feeling great” as he attributed the tumble to his foot getting caught in the pedals.

“Any of you guys ride bikes? Well, they have some that have this thing you put your toe in, it restrains your foot so it doesn’t slide off the pedal. I was getting off the bike, and it got stuck on the right side. [Whispering] I fell if you didn’t notice.”

Biden concluded that by saying “I’m fine,” and he moved on to questions about Ukraine, inflation, and other matters.

Former President Donald Trump expressed sympathy for President Joe Biden after he fell off his bicycle. “I hope he has recovered because, as you know, he fell off his bicycle today,” Trump said of Biden while speaking at his American Freedom Tour in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday.

“No, I’m serious. I hope he’s okay. He fell off a bicycle,” Trump said after the crowd responded with laughter. Trump then joked: “I make this pledge to you today: I will never ever ride a bicycle.”

“But no, we do hope that Biden’s okay because that was a hard fall, that was scary. That was a hard. Did anybody see it? Well, we wish him well in that respect.”

On Saturday night, Trump had appeared to mock Biden’s fall when he shared a fake video on his Truth Social account that showed him hitting Biden in the head with a golf ball and causing him to fall off his bike.

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