CNN analysis finds President Biden’s economic ratings are worse than Jimmy Carter’s

CNN analysis finds President Biden’s economic ratings are worse than Jimmy Carter’s

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have officially dropped below former President Jimmy Carter.

According to CNN, Biden’s numbers have tanked on a variety of issues, but most noticeably with the economy.

Biden currently holds a 44% approval rating, with nearly 55% of registered voters disapproving of the economy under his administration (CNN/SSRS poll). He is at a -9 point net overall rating, and a -13 point net on the economy. This puts him at 18 points below the average economic approval rating, which would be +5 points for the average president at this point in his term.

Former President Obama and President Trump both had net approval ratings on the economy of -4 points. Former President George W. Bush had by far the highest overall approval ratings after the 9/11 attacks. The economy was in far worse shape in 2009 when Obama was in office, and Trump’s economic ratings were outshined by his strong overall disapproval. Biden faces none of these issues.

Today, the economy is seen as the top concern for the nation, specifically inflation. Only 28% of Americans approve of how the president is handling inflation (ABC News/Ipsos poll).

Many are placing inflation as their top concern, and few believe Biden is helping the issue. As a result, Biden’s rating has dropped below former President Jimmy Carter, who had a net economic approval rating of -8 points back in 1978.

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