BASED Supreme Court allows Indiana to enforce COMMON SENSE law

BASED Supreme Court allows Indiana to enforce COMMON SENSE law

The Supreme Court this week issued an order allowing Indiana to begin enforcing a law that would require a minor to get parental consent in order to receive an abortion.

The law was originally blocked in 2017 by a district court which believed the law would lead to the abuse and other trouble for minors whose parents were alerted to their pregnancies.

After the US Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs v Jackson ruling that overturned Roe v Wade last month, Indiana officials requested the district court lift the block and allow the law to be enforced. While the district court refused to rule until the Supreme Court had looked at the case, officials raced the matter to the high court, which this week granted the request for the law to go into effect.

The law requires a minor to obtain parental permission to receive an abortion unless the minor can prove to a judge they are “mature enough” to bypass parental consent.

Indiana Republicans are actively pursuing legislation that would ban abortion in the state outright, though some members of the state GOP suggested last week that there be exceptions made for cases of incest or rape. The change comes on the heels of a headline that has grabbed international attention about a ten-year old rape victim who traveled from Ohio to Indiana to receive an abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana said the exceptions being proposed are not enough. “Even the bill’s limited exemptions would leave providers risking investigations, and even criminalization, making them exceptions in name only,” the organization said in a statement to the Associated Press.

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