Barr says he stands by his pre-election comments raising concerns of voter fraud

Barr says he stands by his pre-election comments raising concerns of voter fraud

On Friday, former Attorney General William Barr supported the widely criticized comments made prior to the 2020 election that widespread mail-in voting was especially vulnerable to fraudulent activity.

Barr stood by his comments even as he expressed disapproval at former President Donald Trump’s continued post-election claims that the 2020 election had been stolen from him. “I stand by all of that,” Barr said to CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.”

“My view is that in such a closely divided country with so much at stake, we have to keep strong protections against fraud and protect the integrity of the election, and I think when they are diluted and reduced – which they were- then people are not going to have confidence in the election, whether or not fraud occurs.”

At the time, Barr had made several claims in the weeks leading up to the election that propped up Trump’s concerns over voter fraud. Barr additionally raised the idea that mail-in ballots could be mass counterfeited by foreign countries.

He supported the claims by saying they were based on “common sense” and “logic.” The former attorney general added on Friday that he does not hold any responsibility for the large number of people who believed there would be widespread fraud in the election.

But after the election, Barr pushed back privately against Trump’s claims that the election had been stolen from him, as noted in an account in Barr’s new memoir, “One Damn Thing After Another.”

In his interview with Tapper on Friday, Barr said again that after the election he publicly rebuked the former president’s claims of massive election fraud resulting in President Joe Biden’s victory.

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