AP-NORC Poll: Majority of Americans say President Biden should be tougher on Russia

AP-NORC Poll: Majority of Americans say President Biden should be tougher on Russia

According to a new poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, many in the U.S. are still questioning whether President Joe Biden is being strong enough in response to Russia’s war on its neighboring country of Ukraine.

Still, despite questioning his leadership, most have approved of the steps the president has already taken as they want as few U.S. troops to become involved in the conflict as possible.

The results indicated that 54 percent of Americans believe Biden has been “not tough enough” in his approach to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Another 36 percent responded that his strategy has been about right, and just 8 percent say he has been too harsh.

As the war has progressed, Americans’ desire to become more significantly involved has decreased somewhat. Just 32 percent of respondents said that the U.S. should have a major role in the conflict, which represents a decline from 40 percent last month.

Still, that figure remains slightly higher than the 26 percent who said no in February. Another 49 percent responded that the U.S. should have a minor role.

The poll’s findings represent the difficulties the White House has been facing in responding to the crisis. There has been immense pressure to put a stop to Russian President Vladimir Putin and assist millions of Ukrainians who are under attack or fleeing for safety.

But still, Biden also has the responsibility of managing the threat of escalation with Putting and preventing the U.S. from getting involved in an even bigger conflict.

“Given the potential desperation of President Putin and the Russian leadership, given the setbacks that they’ve faced so far militarily, none of us can take lightly the threat posed by a potential resort to tactical nuclear weapons or low-yield nuclear weapons,” said CIA Director William Burns during a recent speech he gave at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He added that “so far we haven’t seen a lot of practical evidence” of any Russian nuclear escalation.

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