AMERICA’S GOVERNOR Ron DeSantis tells off China in Fox News interview

AMERICA’S GOVERNOR Ron DeSantis tells off China in Fox News interview

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accused China of buying up property in Florida and other US states in an interview with Fox News this week.

Speaking to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Saturday, DeSantis said the companies with ties to the Chinese government were buying US real estate en masse in places like Florida and the Plains.

The governor called out the practice as an effort to exert “undue influence from rogue states” in the United States. “I don’t think they should be able to do it,” he said. “I think the problem is these companies have ties to the CCP, and it’s not always apparent on the face of whatever a company is doing — but I think it’s a huge problem.”

DeSantis told Ingraham he has signed legislation that would curb the practice of foreign entities buying multiple properties in the United States. He described upcoming legislation that would similarly target pension investments with foreign ties.

“We’re also probably going to do legislation next legislative session about our pension investments, with things that may be linked to the CCP. We don’t necessarily have a lot of it, but we want to make sure that we’re cutting ties so that we’re not funding our number-one adversary,” DeSantis explained.

The Republican governor is widely seen as one of the most viable nominees for the GOP presidential ticket in 2024, in spite of silence from former president Donald Trump on whether or not he will enter the race himself and seek another term in the White House.

DeSantis has made a public showing of signing bills that seek to quell the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in his state. At a press conference in June after the signing of two bills that banned so-called “Confucius Institutes,” or programs funded by the Chinese International Education Foundation to educate the public about China.

Upon signing the bills, DeSantis said at a press conference, “If you look right now, there is no single entity that exercises a more pervasive, nefarious influence across a wide range of American industries and institutions than the Communist Party of China. Enough is enough, we’ve got to start fighting back. Florida is doing that.”

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