America ‘is being run by a deranged group of extremists,’ Donald Trump says at Ohio rally

America ‘is being run by a deranged group of extremists,’ Donald Trump says at Ohio rally

Following a rant about federal water flow restrictions for showerheads, former President Donald Trump took aim at President Joe Biden while speaking at his rally in Ohio on Saturday.

In his criticism, Trump seemed to reference several of the president’s recent viral moments, including one in which he appeared to be directed by a person in an Easter Bunny costume as he greeted supporters.

“We’ve never had anything like this and we have a president right now sadly, who has absolutely no idea what the hell is happening,” Trump said. “Our country’s going to hell. He’s shaking hands with the air. He’s walking around somewhat bewildered – I’d say it’s no good – and taking orders from the Easter Bunny.”

Trump additionally made reference to a video where Biden puts out his open hand after a speech. Some who viewed the video clip said it seemed like he was attempting to shake hands with the air.

Fact checkers have since noted that Biden was not shaking hand with no one, and he was instead gesturing to a crowd.

At his rally, Trump encouraged voters to vote Republican unless they have a desire to keep the country in a “death spiral of crime,” and he added that America was being run by a “deranged group of extremists” as he continued to criticize Biden’s energy policies. “We walk on liquid gold, and they want us to buy from Venezuela,” Trump said.

Neither representatives for Biden or Trump responded to request for comment regarding the speech or Trump’s criticism. So far, no word has been declared on whether Trump will seek the presidency once again in 2024, and no other Republicans have thrown their hat in the ring yet.

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