Alaska Airlines flight delayed for IDIOTIC reason

Alaska Airlines flight delayed for IDIOTIC reason

An Alaska Airlines flight from Washington to San Francisco last Monday was delayed first by weather, but then further delayed because the pilot and co-pilot reportedly had a professional disagreement and could not get along.

“While this situation was unfortunate, in the interest of safety, the pilots did the right thing,” Alaska Airlines said in a statement. “Both the captain and the first officer were evaluated by management, and it was determined they remained fit to fly. We swapped crews and the flight continued to San Francisco. We apologized to our guests for the inconvenience this caused.”

Passengers Tweeted about the incident as the plane returned to the gate before taking off to swap pilots and crews in order to pair up a team of pilots who could get along with each other.

One passenger Tweeted, “hey @AlaskaAir after being on a plane waiting out a storm for 2 hrs (AS1080) your pilots just pulled back to the gate and got off the plane because of a “failure to get along.” incredibly unprofessional. flight attendants are doing their best and have no idea what’s going on.” The same passenger posted a video of the pilot leaving the aircraft.

Another passenger Tweeted that the pilot had left the plane “fuming” after the plane returned to the gate. “#alaska 1080 just returned to gate because the pilot and copilot couldn’t get along. Seriously. Pilot just left plane fuming after returning to gate from the tarmac. This is absolute [sic] ridiculous.”

It remains unclear what the pilot and co-pilot argued about.

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