78-year-old arrested for ‘unnecessary’ honking in support of Canadian trucker convoy

78-year-old arrested for ‘unnecessary’ honking in support of Canadian trucker convoy

A 78-year-old man was tackled and cuffed by police after honking his car horn in support of the “Freedom Convoy.” The “Freedom Convoy” is a group of truckers protesting Canada’s COVID-19 mandates.

The now viral video shows a 4 foot 10 inch tall eldery Gerry Charlebois being confronted by an Ottawa cop who forced the man to his knees as he cuffed him (New York Post).

Bystanders approached the cop asking, “What did he do wrong?” To which the officer responded, “None of your f-ing concern, man.” The officer later told the group of observers that, “It’s an offense – it’s an offense to beep your horn. It is.”

The group continued to chirp the officer, saying he was “abusing old men.” Charlebois told reporters that he “meant no harm,” and he just “gave the trucker a thumbs-up and a honk.” He continued to say he was sore from the cuffs and only cussed at officers because he was upset about why he was being arrested.

Charlebois was ultimately given a $118 bylaw ticket for “unnecessary noise” as he was not part of the protest. Police have been cracking down on horn honking as a result of complaints from locals about honking from the “Freedom Convoy.”

As a result a judge granted a 10 day injunction against horns in Ontario, just a day after Charlebois’ incident was caught on camera. No police or local officials have commented on the outrage thus far.

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